Custom Colour Match

Yellow Metal Powder Coating and Abrasive Blasting use and recommend Dulux powder coatings. We offer all of the listed colours as standard and stock most. See the Dulux Colour Chart  to view the range of colours available.


Dulux colour selector 2014.pdf

We are able to source powders to match any colour or standard.

Bring in a sample or click on the relevant link to view the RAL/PMS/AS2700 colour standards charts and select a colour that we can have made to order.

RAL Colour ChartPantone Colour Chart.pdfAS2700 Colour Chart

More Colour Options...

Yellow Metal Powder Coating and Abrasive Blasting have access to all the major powder suppliers in Australia. Click on the buttons below to view the associated colour chart.

PPG Powder CoatingInterpon Colour Chart.pdf

Specialist Coatings

For more challenging applications, view the technical datasheets below for information about specialist coatings we can apply to meet your requirements.

Please contact us to discuss any specific specifications or harsh envirnonment applications you may have.

Dupont Napguard

  • Exceptionally tough film 
  • High chemical /corrosion resistance 
  • High build application 
  • Heat Resistant & suitable for operation temp of 110 degrees

Thermo Plastic

  • More than 10 years service life
  • Super Tough Coating 
  • High Build application 
  • Chemical Resistant

Dulux Anti-Graffiti

  • Excellent solvent resistance & Film integrity which allows easy removal of most forms of graffiti
  • Long intact life of coating 
  • Hardwearing & serviceable finish
Dupont Napguard PDFDupont Thermo Plastic PDFDulux Powder Coating Anti-Graffiti PDF

Heat Proof Coating

Yellow Metal are able to offer a heat proof coating, suitable for use on motor vehicle exhaust & muffler systems and bike and car parts, as well as BBQ's, stoves, fireplaces and heaters. The powder coating is designed to withstand temperatures up to 1200 ˚F (650˚C) in a range of colours.
The powder also contains a built in primer, removing the need to prime + Top coat.

Detailed technical data sheets and sample colour cards are available upon request.

We are able to restore old items back to the original look as well as coat new items.

Yellow Metal are pleased to annouce the introduction of a thermo plastic coating or an Expoxy based coating suitable for the safe insulating of electrical bus bars, for use with-in distribution boards and other electrical equipment.

The coating can be applied in such a way as to leave appropriate conductor areas free of coating to allow electrical connections to be made.

The coating is available in clear, red, blue, black and white, with typical properties shown in the table below:


Detailed technical data sheets and sample colour cards are available upon request.

Coating Technical Info

Download the technical datasheets on the standard primers and topcoats supplied by Dulux, which we most commonly use.

As a minimum, primers are recommended on all metal that will be subjected to an exterior, salt, or moist/humid environment.

Dulux Zinc PrimerDulux Duralloy FGDulux E Prime PrimerDulux Surreal AffectsDulux AlpatecDulux Precious Pearl